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Fidgets by Amelie

Clicker Stick & Keychain Mini Switch/Rocker Fidget Set

Clicker Stick & Keychain Mini Switch/Rocker Fidget Set

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Great quality, nice colors - exactly as pictured. Really satisfying to use, totally recommended!

- Aki, a fidgets by Amelie customer!

A keychain mini switch/rocker and clicker stick in a small gift bag.

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Customisable: The click stick is a smooth stick as in first photo but if you'd prefer a fluted stick, just drop me a note with your order. The keychain contains a mini switch and rocker but if you'd like a different combination, let me know. Options: Rocker, Switch, Roller Ball, Flick Switch.

These products are made from plant-based bio plastic.

This is not a child's toy. This item is intended for use by persons over 14yrs of age only.

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