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Fidgets by Amelie

Amelie Mini Squidgy Kit

Amelie Mini Squidgy Kit

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- Amolika, a Fidgets by Amelie customer

Build your own Mini Squidgy



Please refer to my pinned video on tiktok:

or my reel on Instagram:

for detailed video instructions.

1, Fill the cup level to the top with dough or slime (or anything you like)
2, Stretch balloon over the funnel and stuff the contents of the cup in.  Refer to photos to see how balloon should be attached to funnel - most of the balloon should be attached to funnel with just a small amount of balloon left outside the funnel. Push the dough firmly down into the bottom of balloon. 
3, Slide the balloon off the funnel, squeeze out the air and tie off.
4, Press the filled balloon into the squidgy base
5, Clip on a lid (be sure to line up the clips!)

Supplied with measuring cup, filling funnel, orbeez, empty balloons, white base and 3 pastel coloured lids.  Optional extra:  dough.

Intended for use by persons over 14yrs of age.



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