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Fidgets by Amelie

Flickit Fidget

Flickit Fidget

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"Another great quality product that fully lives up to my expectations!"

- Robert, a Fidgets by Amelie customer

If you can't resist fidgeting with the TV remote control then this could be the perfect fidget for you!  The Flickit is the perfect desk decor for those seeking sensory stimulation.  With just a flick of a switch, this stim toy will captivate your attention and help you channel your fidgeting tendancies in a fun and productive way.  Crafted with durability in mind, this flickable fidget is designed to withstand countless flicks and clicks! Whether you're looking to keep your mind focused during work or simply need a mindless distraction, the Flickit will add a touch of playfulness to your desk while keeping your fidgeting fingers satisfied.

Not a Child's toy, this item is intended for use by persons over 14yrs of age only.


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