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Fidgets by Amelie

Amelie Quiet Fidget Collection - for discreet fidgeting

Amelie Quiet Fidget Collection - for discreet fidgeting

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"An absolute delight to shop here from beginning to end. I'm a return buyer because this shop continuously has new, clever fidgets and is committed to keeping imagination alive.  Toys are high quality, durable, rich in color, and customized to me!  Thank you, Amelie!!!"

Review by Sarah, a Fidgets by Amelie customer. 

All the fidgets in this collection are either silent or very quiet. They would all be suitable for use in the office, during meetings or on public transport, for example - anywhere where you feel you need a little extra sensory support but don't want draw attention to yourself or annoy others! These fidgets are small enough to fit discretely in your hand.

Items in the box are:
Fidget Links (3 links)
Roller Pod
Ring Chain

Optional Swap: Mini Roller Ball or Super Squidgy- you can swap out one of the listed items for the Mini Roller Ball or Super Squidgy, which are two of my other quiet fidgets. You can see them in the pink and purple photos (photos 3 and 4).  Just leave a message stating your preferences in the Notes section when you order.

The fidgets can be viewed in more detail under their individual listings:

As well as the usual colours, don't forget these fidgets can be bought in more discrete colours including light grey, dark grey, dark brown, light brown, beige and cream.  If your preferred colour choices are not listed, please select 'Choose your own colours' and add a note on the order page. 

This is not a child's toy. Not suitable for children under 14yrs of age.


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